Sucralose Powder and Its Huge Applications

Sucralose tastes like sugar and has been proved completely safe for human body. It is suitable for all types of foods like health-care foods and medicines. Sucralose has zero calorie and zero energy value. It is not absorbed by human body and does not cause decayed tooth. For everyone, including those who are suffering from obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, non-caloric Sucralose Powder is a safe choice.

A big advantage of sucralose is it is not broken down in the body like sucrose, instead passes rapidly virtually unchanged. Sucralose powder has been extensively tested and found to be a remarkably inert and safe ingredient. It is safe for diabetics patients as it has no effect on blood glucose control, insulin secretion or carbohydrate metabolism. It can be used by all, including nursing mothers, pregnant women and children of all ages. Its exceptional stability helps it to retain its sweetness over a large range of temperature. Popular Sucralose Powder has a taste profile very similar to sugar and has no unpleasant aftertaste.

Apart from contributing to controlling body weight and diabetes, Sucralose powder promotes oral health too. The non-cariogenic sucralose powder is found as an ingredient of a variety of candy, drinks and chewing gum.

Applications of Sucralose Powder:

Sucralose has a massive range of applications in food, milk products, beverages, pharmaceuticals and personal care supplements. Due to its exceptional stability, it is common to buy sucralose powder to create a variety of great-tasting new foods and beverages like canned fruit, baked goods, sauces, syrups and low-calorie fruit drinks.

In Drinks: Sucralose Powder is used as food additive and used extensively in various drinks like juice, cola, flavor milk and solid drinks. Presently, a range of products sweetened with sucralose powder is available in the market, like carbonated soft drinks, maple syrup, apple sauce and low-calorie fruit drinks.

As Seasonings: It is used in salad, soy sauce, jam, oyster sauce and vinegar.

In Baked Food: Sucralose Powder is used in baked goods and baking mixes. It is found in bread, sandwich, pastry, fruit pie and pizza.

In Medicine and Health Food: Sucralose powder can be used as a sweetener in medical foods, vitamin/mineral supplements and nutritional supplements.

Other Applications: Non-caloric Sucralose Powder is used to make breakfast cereal, chewing gum, syrup, soybean milk powder, honey and preserved fruit. It is commonly used in the preparation of fruit spreads, frozen desserts, salad dressing, hard and soft candy, jams and jellies, coffee and tea, dairy products, chewable candy and tablet, processed fruits and fruit juices, confections and frostings, dry-mix products, processed fruit, table-top sweeteners, nutritional & dietary Products as well as processed vegetables and vegetable juices.

As people strive to make healthier food choices, a greater variety of low-calorie products are hugely in demand. The excellent combination of sugar-like taste and high stability makes it suited for a large number of products, many of which were not available previously in a reduced calorie, in a reduced sugar form.

Zero calorie sucralose powder can be used to manufacture completely new categories of beverage and food products. Reduced-calorie cakes, cookies, fruit and pie fillings and ice cream toppings can be created using sucralose. There is also huge possibility of expanding markets for existing low-calorie products like carbonated soft drinks, jams and jellies and chewing gum. Availability of pure sucralose powder will expand the market to offer products with enhanced taste, increased stability and lower manufacturing costs, which in turn will provide more choices for consumers.